About Me

My Background

I was born into a family that earned its living dealing in antique auto parts. In the 1970's my dad found a niche in rebuilding Trico vacuum operated wiper motors for Antique American cars and Trucks. I spent my youth at Swap meets in the Northeast. I have been to Hershey Fall AACA every year of my life, and have been to every Fall Carlisle to date (2/2018). Born in 1969. I estimate have personally rebuilt nearly 30,000 Trico vacuum wiper motors over the last 3+ decades. All my rebuilds carry a 3 year warranty. My expertise on Trico Vacuum Wiper is second to none. Rob Ficken 

What we do

We rebuild Trico Vacuum Operated Wiper Motors. We go back to the 1920's but most we do are in the postwar to 1958 Range, newer on some like AMC (up to 1972). We do most postwar (1949 and newer) cars and trucks with no issues. The earlier motors suffer from poor potmetal construction and sometimes poor design. We take these on a case by case basis. I prefer on prewar vehicles you call me with motors in hand for an honest evaluation.

We also sell other Wiper related parts like arms, blades and linkages.

We do not sell any repair kits, sorry.